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Mild Steel Structural Steel Products
The Mild Steel Structural Steel Products supplied by us have advanced utility and advanced function. They are extensively needed for fabrication work and boast of high strength and sturdiness.
TMT Bars
TMT Bars offered by us are accessible with a high level of strength and ductility. These are the ideal materials suited for making the structures more robust. The ribbed pattern of these bars give them extra strength and allow for high bonding.
Ferro Alloys
The Ferro Alloys we deal in have high applicability in the process of steelmaking. These are offered to improve strength, fatigue and ductility. Offered alloy has high corrosion resistance.
The MS Billets we offer are the metallic structures, suited for rolling into bars, sections and rods. They are formed via the process of continuous casting. They are functional as the feedstock in forging, rolling, extrusion, and other metal-processing processes.
Sponge Iron
Sponge iron is the product made after the direct reduction of iron ore. It is an advanced substitute for scrap and is utilized to make steel.  They have strong make and are appreciable for their high durability.
The MS Pellets are known for their excellent quality and high functionality. They are suited for making alloys and steel for construction, automobiles and other types of transportation. Offered pellets are suited for power generation, residential heating and commercial uses.